Mind the Gap !

Crisp cotton shirts are the epitome of formal work wear - they go well with trousers and skirts. But the one thing I dread is the peeping gap between the buttons! It was especially a problem with shirts that weren't tailored to my measure and only fit me just decently. I would try to find some temporary solutions for it - I would carry safety pins with me and the button line of my shirts were lined with safety pins or fashion tape. They would work but also ruin my shirts!

A Solution?
Lalitha Chandrasekar


Also top of mind for Vogue’s editor-in-chief this season is sustainability, thanks in no small part to Stella McCartney’s efforts around the issue. “Stella, obviously, must be feeling so proud and in a way so vindicated right now,” says Wintour of McCartney’s early eco-activism. “This is an issue that Stella had championed for 10, 15, 20 years, and the world is paying attention.”

Now other brands like Marks & Spencers are also beginning to launch this feature: Bursting at the buttons?

It's such a simple design feature that I can't believe it's not present as an essential feature in all womens' shirts. I hope more women find this feature in our shirts that puts an end to embarrassing peeps!

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