About Us

Cinnamon Closet is a Bangalore based fashion and clothing company founded in June 2016.

Our Story

Vinita Choudhary, Founder and CEO of Cinnamon Closet dreamed of an inspired work wardrobe for herself and all professional women. In her ten-year long engineering career, she always struggled to find well-fitting clothes. She made it her mission to put the fun (and the ease) back into the ritual of dressing for work and to rethink the shopping process altogether. Her passion for clothing and her quest for perfection led her to learn the art of designing clothes. Before launching Cinnamon Closet, she completed professional courses where she has learnt to design and draft patterns, take measurements, cut fabric and stitch. Cinnamon Closet web-store reflects her personal style (sophisticated and functional silhouettes) for well-fitted office-appropriate clothing at an accessible price point.

Khushwinder Singh Jasrotia, is the CTO and co-founder of Cinnamon Closet. Formerly an R&D Engineer with chip design and CAD companies, Khushwinder is responsible for technical operations. Imagine the surprise when he announced that he was going into fashion! He took the challenge to make a highly user friendly website for a seamless shopping experience. No one's surprised anymore: the beautiful and easy interface of our website is a testimony of his hard work and dedication.

Along with our awesome team - our fabric suppliers, photographers, and miracle-making tailors - we are creating beautiful and superb quality pieces. 


There are no hard-and-fast set of styling rules that apply across all professions. It's critical to be thoughtful in evaluating one's office environment to determine what is appropriate for you. We at Cinnamon Closet try to stay cognizant of the fact that it is impossible to offer a "one style fits all" guide for our fabulous diverse women clientele from: engineers in IT, business executives, school teachers, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, high profile CEOs, and others. We've done our best to offer widely varying ensembles that "work" in a number of different workplaces - from conservative, to casual, to creative. We are tying to offer a depth and breadth of office style options and inspiration that span a multitude of professional settings.

Our Vision

Cinnamon Closet aims to make dressing easy with a premium rage of elevated basics in finest fabrics.