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  • Washing Garments The Right Way

    Ever wondered why your clothes don’t last as long as you had thought? Let’s be real, as much as we all love shopping, the effort and money that goe...
  • Lockdown Diaries: Shrishti Luthra x Cinnamon Closet

    An electrical engineer by profession, Shrishti Luthra is a fresh graduate and a newbie in the world of corporate. She knows the importance of dress...

    If you have been following our brand, you would know a little about the kind of styles we make. They’re clean, classic, modest, and can be worn by ...

     There is a natural drift in our choice of clothing as the summers approach – we subconsciously shift to lighter colors, vibrant prints, shorter cl...
  • Back To Work : The Print Edition

    Prints are easily one of the most loved fabric surface developments, especially in India, and rightfully so. We have such a vast history and herita...
  • Most Loved Patterns Of The Year 

      We’ve seen many fashion trends come and go. However, this year has been as unpredictable as it could get. Some fresh print and pattern trends th...
  • 4 Officewear Ideas for Women To Look Smart and Professional

    When you look good, you feel good! You have all the motivation in the world to take on the most complicated tasks to impress your colleagues and seniors. Gone are the days when you had to wear boring clothes to work with no spirit or personal style.
  • How To Dress For Your Body Shape

    Have you ever wondered why some outfits bring out your best looks while others do not? Well, it’s not as puzzling as it sounds. To understand your unique body type, you need to grab a measuring tape and put down your measurements first.
  • Lockdown Diaries: Sudhashree Deb x The Work Label

    “During this pandemic, one thing I realised for sure is that The Work Label gave me relief from all the difficulties when it comes to dressing for work.” ~Sudhashree Deb (Software Engineer and Artist)
  • 4 Things To Look For In An Ideal Work From Home Outfit

    Our lives are tethered to the internet now more than ever before. While people have started unlocking new routines to cope better with the current COVID-19 scenario and finally gotten down to accept and enjoy their new work-home setup, many folks are left feeling confused about how to strike the right balance.
  • 4 Work From Home Looks To Keep You Chic And Comfortable

    Call it lounge-wear to lay around in all day that doubles up as work-wear for these Work-from-home days or the other way around, this major shift in people’s wardrobes and sensibilities is dictating the new trends in fashion and style in 2020. The trend is picking up fast as working from home gains momentum and people are settling right in and looking for comfort as the number one feature in a sound piece of clothing.
  • Yogmaya Pradeep “On Balance”

    That title is inspired by a lovely book recommendation by Yogmaya Pradeep herself. When you go about stalking India’s first legal trivia host and one of the youngest female lawyers to start a law firm at the age of 25, you do it right! It’s about who we look up to, women who inspire and empower. We’re proud to have gotten the chance to know and style one of the most self-empowered women in Bangalore.