It’s no secret that the color we wear is often a reflection of our personality, or more so, our mood for the day. It’s a proven fact we automatically opt to wear certain colours depending on the weather outside, and that wearing different colours impact us and the others around us differently.

Let’s speak more specifically – about the colour Pink.

Pink is a colour that almost every woman, specifically, adores and is somewhat her weakness. The colour that has become synonymous to femineity – a stereotype that increasing number of people are now breaking.

Some people have described pink as a colour that evokes feelings of joy, happiness and romance, while some think it makes them feel calm.

The colour pink has definitely been linked to reduced aggression, and its use in holding cells for violent offenders has been quite effective. This colour has shown to suggests safety and vulnerability.

To say that someone sees the world through rose-coloured glasses means that they see the world with excessive optimism. Pink is a colour that represents hope, but it can sometimes be associated with not seeing the negative aspects of reality.

Some suggests that if you wear a lot of pink, you may be an intuitive person who doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others and doesn’t worry too much about conforming to social norms.

As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place. Get yours now!!

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