Sleeves are the most under-rated part of a top-wear – they can make a garment look glamorous, modest, chic, or sexy just with the right play of volume and structure.

We all have our preference of the most commonly available sleeve types – be it 3/4th sleeves, full sleeves, half sleeves, or no sleeves. Despite of that, how many times have you found yourself in a situation where a particular top wasn’t available in your choice of sleeve? Don’t worry, it happens more often than you think. While we can’t do anything about the sleeves on your favorite top, here are some pros and cons of some sleeves that may come handy the next time you go out shopping.


Full sleeves refer to the length of sleeves that end at your wrist. Shirts are the most commonly worn clothing with a full sleeve.



  • Extremely modest
  • Suit almost any setting – formal, casual, smart-casual etc
  • Flattering on almost everybody
  • Great for winters/pre-winters
  • Smart look
  • Prevents tanning


  • Not good for layering, sleeves roll up
  • Restrict movement
  • Finding right length and fit is important, or it can look awkward

 3/4th SLEEVES

These sleeves typically extend just below the elbow, or maybe extended till half-way between the elbow and wrist.



  • Flattering on all body types
  • Modest and versatile
  • Easy movement
  • Can be work all through the year
  • Practical length – for working, driving etc.
  • Most widely available sleeve option in women’s western/Indian wear today


  • Makes the arms look shorter
  • Can get a little annoying under jackets/blazers due to sleeves rolling up



These sleeves end just above the elbow.



  • Another great option for a modest look
  • Works in both formal and casual settings
  • Great allowance for hand movement


  • Wide variety of options is not available
  • May not be flattering on all body types


The tops that have no/minimal fabric extended from armhole are sleeveless tops.



  • Breezy and comfortable
  • Non-restricting
  • Flattering – if arms are your best feature and you want to show them off.
  • Perfect layering option under jackets and blazers
  • Have a great fitting – especially for people with broader shoulders


  • May be termed “inappropriate” in a modest setting
  • Can become uncomfortable if armhole is too low or too tight
  • Mostly worn in summers only

Next time you go out shopping, don't restrict yourself because of the sleeve - you can always style it, layer it, and flaunt it! 

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