We all know how being a mother is a challenge in itself, but being a mother to two toddlers, AND having a successfully running YouTube channel ( sounds like a fairytale – yet, we have Shivani Sharma, owner of the channel “Happy Wholy” and mother to two lovely kids.

When asked about the inspiration of her channel, she said – “I’ve had 2 pregnancies one after the other, so I only remember having to do pregnancy things for a very long time. When it came to some advice and experience sharing my only two sources were my doctor (who could only help from a medical view point) and my mother and mother-in-law. I then read a very nice statement somewhere that ‘the best person to take advice from is the person who is just one step ahead of you, for they know the struggles of now’. That’s when I decided to reach out to people of a similar age group as a person who has just had to go through the certain things, some advice experience sharing.”


On talking about Cinnamon Closet, she said “I stumbled upon Cinnamon Closet on Instagram and instantly loved the designs which seems classy and wearable. I took a chance and ordered one too to begin with and was super impressed with the fabric, and the tailoring. The brand really seemed to understand a real woman’s body and the areas she wants to flaunt and the areas she wants to hide. I wish the brand all the best.”


So for all the new mom’s out there – you know where to get your information in the most personal and authentic manner!

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