Lockdown Diaries: Shrishti Luthra x Cinnamon Closet

An electrical engineer by profession, Shrishti Luthra is a fresh graduate and a newbie in the world of corporate. She knows the importance of dressing well is not to be underestimated, especially in a professional work place, and hence was in a search of the perfect work-wear once the lockdown was lifted.

“I have always been interested in office-wear fashion, and have been seeing people look so confident in them on social media. I had always wanted to dress like that, but lockdown didn’t give me the chance. Once we were given dates to re-join the office physically, my hunt for the perfect work-wear began. To my surprise, I didn’t find too many brands who made exactly what I was looking for – something smart, yet comfortable for me to wear it all day long. I got lucky when I found Cinnamon Closet. It was like the clothes are made for me.”


 “Shortly after the commencement of offices, the second lockdown was announced. I was a little disappointed that my purchase from Cinnamon Closet would not be worth it – but to my surprise it was the perfect work-from-home clothing. I had bought 2 tops from them- and they’re so soft and breathable, it’s a seem-less experience to be wearing these tops even in this hot climate. I’m a fan.” – said Shrishti.

It is our utmost pleasure when the customer relates to our product, and when we are able to communicate our ideology through wearable fashion.


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