If you have been following our brand, you would know a little about the kind of styles we make. They’re clean, classic, modest, and can be worn by anyone. Ever wondered what is the concept behind our clothing?


Also our tagline, and exactly the theme and concept behind the design of each of each piece we own. But what are elevated basics?

Elevated basics are at the center of a good minimalist wardrobe. They are functional, high-quality, practical, beautiful, versatile, wearable, well-fitted, understated, chic, and totally effortless.

They may be simple in terms of style or color, but you just have a feeling that they are different. They are more – more luxurious, more unique, more stylish.

That’s because they take basic to a whole new level.

Fast fashion has us buying clothes that are cheap, but also have an immensely short shelf life. Basics, or elevated basics on the other hand are the pieces you have in your wardrobe that are here for a long period of time. It is extremely important to invest in good quality basics that will elevate your style and fashion quotient to another level of classy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for elevated basics next time –


Good quality fabric is one of the primary features of any good piece of clothing, but becomes all the more important while looking for basic clothing. A good feel, fall, and longevity are the characteristics of a good quality fabric.


Basics do not have a very distinctive design element – they’re “basic”. One of the easiest and sure-shot ways of making your outfit “elevated” is by ensuring that your clothing looks well-fitted, as if made for your body.


A good elevated basic will be immensely versatile. You can dress it up or down or style it in different ways so that the world won’t even know that you’re wearing the same item again and again (not that wearing the same item is a problem).

Lastly, perhaps the most important and appealing advantage of upgrading your wardrobe to elevated basics is the reduction in decision fatigue! Imagine not having to spend hours thinking about what to wear, because everything you have in your wardrobe is suited to almost every occasion and setting – be it office, a casual outing or just a day at home.

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