There is a natural drift in our choice of clothing as the summers approach – we subconsciously shift to lighter colors, vibrant prints, shorter clothes and fabrics that are soothing. But have you ever wondered what are the factors that brands take into consideration while designing summer-wear for you? Read on to find some important points you should not miss while shopping for your summers.


Have you ever wondered as to why it is preferred and advisable to wear lighter colors in scorching heat? There’s science behind it too - Lighter colors tend to reflect light and the darker colors absorb light. It’s as simple as that.

Wearing whites and lighter shades in summers scientifically keep you cool, and wearing black and other dark shades are surely going to toast you!



A huge factor while choosing your summer wear MUST be the fabric. We tend to sweat a lot more in the summers, and it’s the top-most essential consideration you must make if the fabric will keep you dry and fresh.

Natural fabrics have a higher moisture absorbing tendency than synthetic fabrics. The most relevant fabric you ask? Our good old cotton. Cotton is one of the most absorbent fabrics you’ll find, it absorbs the sweat from your skin, and evaporates it out – keeping you cool. Linen and rayon are other good fabric options.


3) FIT

With such diversity and range of clothes available today, it’s very easy to feel lost as to what you should and shouldn’t go for. For summers, look for clothes that are not too tight on your body – it may result in rashes due to the constant and excessive sweating.

It’s the best to opt for clothes that have a lose fit, allow air to pass through. Dresses are one of the best options to be worn in summers. Loose fitting and baggy tops are classics – if you have been waiting to wear them, summers are your perfect window.

PS – Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

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