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Article: Back To Work : The Print Edition

Back To Work : The Print Edition

Back To Work : The Print Edition

Prints are easily one of the most loved fabric surface developments, especially in India, and rightfully so. We have such a vast history and heritage of different printing techniques that the love for it is almost as if passed on to us as heritage.

Prints are one of those cyclical trends that never really goes out of style. From polka-dots to stripes and florals to animal prints, there is always something on the market that is up and running as the “hot-trend” of the season.

With the pandemic, our wardrobes have seen a major shift from formal clothing to night-suits, and denims and trousers being replaced by sweatpants and shorts. Many places have re-opened their offices, and it is time to once again switch up the wardrobe.

  1. Feminine Florals

The new year has brought with it an immense amount of hope for a fresh beginning to ease out the pains of 2020. The first step to feeling so is looking fresh, happy and put-together. What’s needed is a versatile piece of clothing, that can double up as casual-wear and office-wear as needed.



  1. Good-old Geometric

Minimal geometric prints are one of the easiest prints to wear to office. They are classy, calm, and you can almost never go wrong with it. It’s a good idea to start with some print of this sort, if you are new to wearing prints to office. Such prints are also versatile, and can be worn at multiple occasions. 



  1. Evergreen Polka

No print article can ever be complete without mentioning the polka-dots. It has been in trend on and off since times forever. They repeat with a change in the size, pattern, and colors but the basic idea and feel that the polkas give remain the same. It’s definitely one of the prints that suits almost anybody and everybody.



  1. Miss-Popular Stripes

You would be lying, if you tell me that you have no piece in your wardrobe that has the stripes pattern on it. It’s the most accepted and worn prints of all – making it the popular choice. Also one of the few most used prints for an office setting, this print is definitely not limited to the office space.


Hope you enjoyed knowing about the different prints and patterns that came back in style over the year. So without wasting another minute, shop now for elevated basic in finest fabrics that feature your favourite prints.

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