Most Loved Patterns Of The Year 


We’ve seen many fashion trends come and go. However, this year has been as unpredictable as it could get. Some fresh print and pattern trends that we saw recently have even been successful in relaying the message of all-round sustainability in fashion. For instance, here’s a list of some of our favourite prints that go with our philosophy of providing outfits that ooze comfort, stability and ease while in a work environment.


Striped workwear has always been considered smart and professional. It’s good for women with any body type and is a timeless pattern to make a statement in. Horizontal or vertical, stripes are a must-have as far as one’s work wardrobe goes.


Plaid definitely takes away the prize when it comes to making you feel cozy and comfortable. This unique print induces a warm and snuggly feeling and is by far the most professional-looking and wearable print when it comes to formal clothing.


There’s something psychedelic about symmetrical prints. They are magnetic and interesting to look at. Besides being extremely eye-catching, they also seem ancient and historic due to their foundation in tribal art. What do you think of the contemporary symmetrical design on this Blue dress by The Work Label?



Checks are always symmetrical, unlike plaids. They have crossed horizontal and vertical lines forming uniform tiles or boxes. Checkered patterns and plaids may look alike, but the difference between the two patterns can be spotted in terms of uniformity in size of the boxes or symmetry. Checks are timeless and another one of the staple patterns that you can blindly go for while buying ladies formal wear.

Hope you enjoyed knowing about the different prints and patterns that came back in style over the year. So without wasting another minute, shop now for office wear that feature your favourite patterns.

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