Be WFH-Ready With These Stress-Busters

With the coming of the crisis, people have been confined to their homes. While most of us may love the idea of striking a perfect work-life balance equation and more than agree with the flexibility that comes with the new normal of working from home, there’s a big chance that it didn’t actually play out that way for many women who suddenly find themselves adjusting to their new rather intrusive schedule consisting of home responsibilities, topped off with strict work deadlines - adding to the mounting stress.

So pause, and take a breather. The Work Label has got some stress-busting tips for you to be WFH-ready! 

The Work Label Blog - Be Work From Home Ready with these stress busters

Exercise in the morning. 

This is a no-brainer. You get up and the first thing you do before grabbing on to your phone or laptop is that you work out! Stretch, try stress-relieving yoga poses and don't forget to meditate to shut out the world and be with yourself in the mornings to be a smooth worker all day. 

Take frequent breaks while working.  

While working from home can be overwhelming, especially for the ladies, there are ways to consciously break the unhealthy patterns that you have probably adopted unknowingly over the past couple of months. It’s easy for your body to feel overworked if that’s exactly what you’re doing. Be mindful of your working hours and have a timeout for yourself and your family members. 

Engage in retail therapy.

This may sound like uh...but what about the virus? Well, you better believe it - the virus is here to stay. And being in a constant state of fear ain’t doing you no good. The truth is that the world is slowly beginning to adapt to a new lifestyle and so should you. Online shopping is a great way to load up on endorphins and ensure social distancing while looking for groceries, workout gear and semi-formal work wear for these WFH days. Did you know it’s a scientifically proven fact that dressing up for work in the morning could make you more productive throughout the day? Word! 

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